Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Daily Cartoonist

There's a lot of cartooning/cartoonist blogs out there, but one of the very best is Alan Gardner's “The Daily Cartoonist". Any and ALL cartooning related news can be found here, and it covers most of the various disciplines in the field very effectively and professionally, although, oddly, it overlooks the greeting card industry, which employs an astounding number of cartoonists and humorous illustrators. Part of this seems to be a somewhat slavish predilection towards the syndication crowd, who in many cases, dominate the comment sections with flame wars over fairly innocuous issues. Not for the faint of heart, and oftentimes, breathtakingly juvenile and very clique-ish. All I get from that aspect is how socially ignorant many otherwise talented individuals are, who seem to relish their fleeting moments of internet glory. Truly no fun to read and about as insightful as Browns/ Steelers fans screaming at each other in a bar. The only difference is said posters bravely sit in front of a computer taking their shots. Real tough.

As mentioned above, TDC mysteriously overlooks the greeting card industry, and I’m not quite sure why that is. Obviously, I’m somewhat partial here, but as a site dedicated to all things cartooning, from craft and technique to freelance and employment etc., it seems somewhat antithetical to the site’s apparent mission to overlook this segment of the field, which, quite frankly, employs far more cartoonists and humorous illustrators (not to mention graphic designers in general) than every syndicate combined.

All of the above aside, don’t be fooled - TDC is THE best source for most industry-related news, the gold-standard in fact, and is a must-stop for beginners and professionals alike. Visit often and be sure to donate – it takes a lot of work to keep a site like this running. Save yourself the tedium of the comments/posts, though – root canals are way more fun.

Friday, November 5, 2010

recent band graphics...

As mentioned in previous posts, I do all the graphics for my band, The Rhythm Syndicate, and enjoy putting together fun posters for each gig. I try to have a different one for every appearance - here's a few recent pieces...